All employees obtain a completed criminal background check and child abuse check prior to their start of employment. Most are certified in Infant, Child & Adult CPR and Standard First Aid along with being trained in Blood Borne Pathogens and Safe Sleep/SIDS. All employees must complete 24 continuous training hours in the Child Development Field annually.


Miss Tammy
Miss Tammy has owned Lollipop's for 18 years and makes sure the center has everything it needs. She loves seeing all the smiles and hugs when she walks in the door. 

Program Director

Miss Melina
Miss Melina is the Program Director as well as the Preschool Teacher. She has her Degree in Early Childhood Development.  Melina said, "She enjoys working with children because every child is so different and everyday she learns something new from them". She also said, "I have always loved teaching children because I love the excitement the children get from learning". As being the director she said, " When it comes to working with the parents I feel like open communication is a must and I love that parents trust me with their most precious things in their life. Lollipop's is now part of my family and I am excited to be a part of this great center". 

Office Assistant 

Miss Melissa
Miss Melissa is studying Professional and Technical Writing at SAginaw Valley State University. She chooses to work with children because even on the difficult days the smiles and hugs from the kids make everything worth it. 

Infant Room
Lead Teacher

Miss Marissa
Miss Marissa is finishing up her CDA and so is excited to be working in the infant room. Children are her number one passion and she says, "The children bring so much joy to my heart and every day when I am working with the infants I feel so blessed to be part of their life. I want the parents to feel comfortable and know that when they are here at Lollipops I will treat them like one of my own children".


Miss Kristen
Miss Kristen is currently attending Delta College. Ms. Kristen said her favorite thing about working with the infants and toddlers is "When I walk in the door and they give me the biggest smile and then run/crawl up to give me a hug. It makes my whole day." 

     Miss Breann
Miss Breann is going to school to be an Ultrasound Technician. "I like working with kids because they all have unique personalities and I have always enjoyed caring for them. I also think watching them grow into their own individual is rewarding and joyful. I absolutely love being in every single one of their lives."

Miss Ashley
Miss Ashley is studying at Delta College before pursuing further education to obtain a degree in Elementary Education. Miss Ashley is so gentle and loving with the infants. 

Miss Addison
Miss Addison is studying Elementay Education with a focus in English. She loves working with children because it is always interesting. Children are her passion.

Miss Allie 
Miss Allie is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education at Delta college. She lkes working with children because they are eager to learn and are so much fun to be around.

Tyke Room
Lead Teacher

     Miss Pennie
Miss Pennie has taken several Child Development college courses. She has been employed at Lollipops since 2004. Her favorite thing about working with children is doing circle time and teaching them songs, ABC's, and 123's. "Their faces light up when learning."


Miss Masako
Miss Masako joined Lollipop's family in fall of 2017. Ms. Masako enjoys playing with the children and always gives the children extra love when they need it. 

Miss Kimmie 
Miss Kimmie is currently attending Delta College working on her Early ChildhoodEducation degree. Kimmie really works with the toddlers. 

Miss Colleen
Miss Collen retired from Dow a couple of years ago and was looking for something rewarding to do, so she applied here at Lollipop's. She really has fun with the toddlers and is willing to work where ever she is needed. 

Young 3's Room
Lead Teachers

Miss Ally
Miss Ally is an Elementary Education Student with a minor in Early Childhood Development at Saginaw Valley State University. She works with children because helping kids achieve their full potential and making relationships with their families is so rewarding.

Miss Annah
Miss Annah is currently attending Saginaw Valley State University where she is majoring in both special education with a concerentration in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Secondary English Education. Annah said, "I love working at Lollipop's because it allows me to help kids learn and grow, which is my passion!"


Miss Caitlyn
Miss Caitlyn is attending Saginaw Valley State University were she is part of the band playing the tuba. Miss Caitlyn enjoys playing and interacting with the young preschoolers. 

Miss Breona
Miss Breona came to Lollipop's looking for a job where she could make a difference in children's lives. She is a great addition to our center. 

Lead Teacher

Mr. Luis 
Mr. Luis has an associate's degree in Early Childhood Education. He says, "Something has always called me to work with children. I've wanted to become a teacher since elementary school. I started working in childcare in 2011. After receiving my associates degree and falling in love with the childcare field, I started to pursue my career in childcare. I believe childcare is the foundation of children loving school and children are more open to learn in childcare. I treat my classroom as if it's a kindergarten class, so the children in the class get the best out of it when it comes to learning. We learn as well as have fun."


Miss Amanda
Miss Amanda has a Bachelors Degree in Applied Science. She has been employed at Lollipop's since 2011. Her favorite thing about working with children is listening and observing them, then finding Developmentally appropriate ways to help them learn.